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Álex Domínguez: "The fan reaction has been amazing"

The yellow goalkeeper was the first player from the first squad to hold a press conference in preparation for the derby on Saturday.

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Álex Domíguez started by saying "It's my first derby, so I'm really looking forward to it. The supporters' reaction has been outstanding, and we will try to win with their support in order to bring them great joy ". He predicted the following: "It's going to be a fantastic game. Being a derby, the opponent brings what it brings, but we'll focus on doing things properly ".

"The start versus Levante was quite tough," he said of the most recent encounter. A point is usually a good thing. The league is extremely competitive, and it is critical not to lose. My first moves in the matches were simple, allowing me to acquire confidence. In practically every game, the squad proves to be superior."

Álex also remembered Valles with words of encouragement: "It's never fun to come in to play because a teammate is injured. This is the most unpleasant aspect about football. I wish him a hug, and we hope he recovers soon".

Concerning the derby: "There is extra motivation, but it will just be three points, and our fans will take us on their wings. The dynamic isn't ideal, but we're beginning from zero and will give it our all. It is not about revenge. The past is no longer relevant. It is important, and we are focused on the present. This match will not decide anything, but perhaps we can take something away from it”, he concluded.