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Official Anthem of the UD Las Palmas

Ra, Ra, Ra,
Our team will win.

Is the Union Deportiva Las Palmas
our unique unparalleled team
with its spirited and brilliant game
will win, will win, will win.

It is pride of the Canary people
The victory shout by the eleven
celebrating its confident wins
with Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra.

Always ahead vanguard
the defense a wall
where the contrary crashes

our noble and strong team,
with courage, vision and luck,
sprayed the adversary.

The fans still watchful
Fondly always encourage
the end of the struggle
waiting confident,

waiting confident
more emphatic victory
day after day
Ra, Ra, Ra.
Our team will win.


Lyrics: Gonzalo Monasterio
Music: Peón Real